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Thursday evenings from 7:00-8:30 PM, 8 weeks, September 7 through October 26

All voices and levels of experience welcome (from absolute beginners and shy singers to seasoned vocalists).  No audition, no sight reading – all songs/parts will be taught/learned by ear, with audio recordings provided for home practice.  The choir is geared for adults.  Teens accompanied by a participating adult are welcome to join.  We will focus on group harmony singing, with opportunities to explore vocal techniques, improvisation, and solo work.  Weekly rehearsals culminate in a performance for family and friends on Aug 10.

The wonderful songs that we will be doing are:  1) Follow the Heron, by Karine Polwart, choral arrangement by Betsy Sansby, 2) Wake Up, by Nick Prader, and 3) Drop Baby Drop, by Mano Mano, choral arrangement by Stacey.*

Place:  Mindful Yoga Collective, 223 S 700 E, SLC
Cost:  $120
20% Discount for Seniors
Early bird special: 20% off if payment received by June 7
For information, contact Stacey: 801-808-9249 or


Embodied Presence in Everyday Life
A Course with Carl Rabke

When: 5 Thursdays April 6-May 4th • 7:15-8:30pm
Cost: $160 Register here
Place: Mindful Yoga Collective

In this course, we will learn how we bring a sense of embodied presence into the everyday nitty-gritty of our lives. It is wonderful to feel the shoulders relaxed and open when getting up from savasana, or to be intimate with your breathing while sitting on the meditation cushion, yet what happens to your breath and shoulders when you read the latest news headlines, or are stuck in traffic, or are having a challenging conversation with family member?

Our bodies always give us direct, accurate feedback on the state of our being.
Our embodiment also offers a potent, tangible gateway to shift our state of being.
These are challenging times we are living in-both for our culture and our world. People are pretty jacked up. There is loads of research that shows when we are functioning in a kind of chronic stress/ startle response, we lose access to so much of our higher cortical functioning: empathy, creativity, self-reflection, the ability to connect with others etc. In one study that Daniel Goleman quotes in Tulku Thondup’s “The Healing Power Of Mind,” he shows that chronic emotional stress turned out to be 75 percent more harmful than smoking!

Over this course, we will do movement lessons that help us to unwind the stresses that we carry in our body, and we will learn to embody a vital, dynamic presence as we move through our world.
Along with longer Feldenkrais movement lessons, we will also learn a series of brief refreshers- ways that we can return to qualities of embodied presence in 5 seconds, 30 seconds over and over throughout the day.

Some the things we will cultivate:
Dynamic connection with the ground
Length and mobility in the spine
Freedom of the legs and arms
Vital presence in the lower belly
Openness in the chest
Awareness of the space inside and around us
Unrestricted breathing
Ease and responsiveness in the face
Sensitivity and receptivity throughout the body

Some of the things we will learn to release:
Excessive Tension: pretty much all over, but specifically in the jaw, eyes, hands, neck, shoulders, low back, and pelvic floor
A sense of being stuck in the head, or top-heavy
Restrictions in breathing
Being absent through much of the body

We need this.
The world needs this.
I look forward to the journey together.


Hara: A Return to Center
with Carl Rabke

Thursdays, Feb 23-March 23   7:15-8:30pm

Cost $160 click here

Class size is limited, so register early if you would like a spot.

When consciousness floods the deep within our core, we find there a stillness that is not self-achieved or peculiar to us or possessed by us; that eternal stillness abides there because it belongs to the nature of the world to which we belong.

-Philip Shepherd

In this course we will explore a series of unique movement lessons and that will help us to learn to fully inhabit, as well as to free the dynamic movement potential of the the lower abdomen, also known as the hara, dantien or tan den. 

These lessons we will help you to organize a way of moving that is efficient, centered, powerful, and graceful, and reduces unnecessary tension throughout the body. We will deepen our awareness of, and clarify the function of the hip joints and spine, learning how the strength and support of our center can, and needs to be, involved in all our movement functions.  

We will also learn how to bring more intimacy and presence to the lower belly and pelvis as we participate in the nitty gritty our lives. 

For so many of us, our lower belly has suffered what Thomas Hanna called “sensory motor amnesia,” it is just a vague, absence of sensation “down there.” Often we have met our bellies with strong resistance- wanting them bellies to be stronger or smaller, but rarely have we entered this area with curiosity and receptivity.

People will often refer to “using the core,” but that usually means just tensing the whole region, and tension reduces sensitivity and skillful function. We want to have a belly that is strong, dynamic and supportive when needed and then fully relaxed, receptive to breath and to life.

There are over 100 million neurons in the gut, referred to as the enteric brain, we can learn to open to the intelligence that shines through this region. We can learn to trust out gut sense.

In many ways the hara is the gateway to embodied presence- just like the stillness that is present as you drop down beneath the waves of a turbulent ocean, the hara gives us a still, steady refuge that exists beneath the waves of thinking and activity in the world.

Bringing presence to this area can have a positive impact on just about everything in life- walking, running, yoga, meditating, having a difficult conversation, reading Trump headlines….there is a reason why the Chinese translation for this region is “field of nectar.”


Mindful Movement Seminar
Saturday, February 25, 2017 • 1 -5 pm
with Elisabeth Lentz

winterThe intention for the seminar is to guide you into a state of awareness to allow a waking up to yourself. I invite you to learn about yourself, to sense yourself in your physical body, your uniqueness, your preciousness and maybe discover parts in you, which might have been forgotten, or maybe are in conflict. Preparing a ground, where it is possible for your essence to come forth, to be seen, felt, heard and given a chance to inform you. To empower you to be with any challenges in your life and invite unique creative conscious action.

We will be doing meditation, deep listening, gentle movements and reflections, starting from a still safe ground, what does it really mean to ground and then stepping into movement initiated by breath. We will inquire deeply into the pauses of the breath.

Haiku Poem by Do Hyun Choe:

Stillness is what creates love.

Movement is what creates life.

To be still

And still moving – That is everything.

Seminar 1: “Cultivating Awareness Through Experiencing Stillness and Movement”

 Location: Mindful Yoga Collective, 223 S 700 E, Salt Lake City, UT 84102

Reserve for $85 in advance, $95 at the door!

Send checks to: Elisabeth Lentz/Restore Balance Today

4950 E Meadows Dr., Park City, 84098

For more info go to: Or call 435-640-4885


First Sunday Mindfulness Group

with Charlotte Bell and Marlena Lambert


2016: May 1, June 5, July 3, August 7, September 4, October 2, November 6, December 4
7:00 to 8:30 pm

Join Charlotte and Marlena for an informal once-a-month mindfulness gathering for experienced and novice meditators. We will listen to a talk or instructions from a leading mindfulness teacher—including Joseph Goldstein, Jack Kornfield, Pema Chodron, Sharon Salzberg and more—that will help clarify your intent and deepen your understanding of mindfulness practice. The class is free, but optional donations will be accepted to help pay for the space. No need to register in advance. All are welcome.



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