Brandi Allen

Yoga Instructor


Brandi feels that her journey with yoga is continually beginning anew. It has been a joy for her to share her love of yoga with everyone from infants up to 80-year-olds. After practicing for more than 20 years, she continues to study all aspects of yoga so that she may bring to her students the freedom and peace she finds in her own practice.

Carla Anderson

Yoga Instructor


Carla began practicing yoga in 2007 and was inspired to pursue teaching in 2012 with Scott Anderson, founder of Alignment Yoga, based in Madison, Wisconsin. She completed the 500-hour teacher training program in 2014 and received attunement as a Reiki Master in 2015. Carla’s classes are customized to cultivate mindfulness and flow of vitality in the body with attention to optimal alignment, breath and inner awareness. In addition to teaching group classes and private sessions, she also serves as Director of School Programs with GreenTREE Yoga, a 501(c)3 nonprofit, helping to bring yoga to elementary school classrooms. She also enjoys studying and applying the principles of Ayurveda, the sister science of yoga, into her daily life and teaching. Off the mat, Carla enjoys preparing healthy organic food, supporting local farmers and businesses, playing with her cats, spending time with friends and family, traveling, and exploring the natural world.

Charlotte Bell

Yoga Instructor


Charlotte Bell began practicing yoga in 1982. Inspired by the smoothness and peace of mind she felt after practicing, she studied intensively, apprenticed in classes, and began teaching in 1986. In 1989, she traveled to India to study with B.K.S. Iyengar, and was certified to teach his method upon returning to the U.S. Donna Farhi has profoundly influenced her teaching philosophy and style, as have Judith Hanson Lasater, the late Mary Dunn and Elise Miller. Charlotte’s teaching style is peaceful and non-competitive, emphasizing the fluid interweaving of breath and movement and the importance of being present to each moment of each asana.

Mindfulness meditation is the foundation of Charlotte’s yoga, music, writing and life practices. Charlotte attended her first silent vipassana (insight) meditation retreat at the Last Resort Retreat Center in 1988. Since then she has attended more than 15 silent retreats of up to 30 days with her mentors, Pujari and Abhilasha Keays, as well as with Joseph Goldstein, Guy and Sally Armstrong, Michele McDonald, Steven Smith, Gregory Scharf, Sylvia Boorstein, James Baraz and Annie Nugent.

Charlotte is the author of two books on yoga, both published by Rodmell Press: Mindful Yoga, Mindful Life and Yoga for Meditators. She has written for Yoga Journal and Yoga International, and she currently writes a yoga column for Catalyst Magazine. She also edits and writes for Hugger Mugger Yoga Products’ and Yoga U Online’s blogs. Every year she writes a feature story for the Telluride Bluegrass Festival’s programs.

A lifelong musician, Charlotte plays oboe and English horn with the Salt Lake Symphony and Red Rock Rondo, whose 2010 music special won two Emmy awards and an award from the National Educational Television Association.

Michael Berger

7th Degree Black Belt Master of Classical Martial Arts


With over 35 years of training experience, including over 7 years residence in Japan in China, Berger Sensei trained in Japan with the JKA for several years in the 1980s & 1990s, beginning in 1983. While there, he trained at multiple locations that included both Takushoku and Komazawa Universities as well as the JKA Headquarters Dojo, where he was awarded his shodan in 1984 by then Chief Instructor Nakayama Sensei.  He has placed in numerous tournaments in the US and Japan in both JKA and mixed-style events, and is a two-time All Japan and three-time World Tournament participant. He has produced several books and videos and has taught martial arts and law enforcement techniques worldwide, to such agencies as Los Angeles Police Dept. He has been featured in numerous magazines, newspapers, books, films and television news features worldwide, some of which include the following: Fox News Television (2013),”That’s China- Zhejiang” Magazine (China)(2012), Hangzhou Daily Newspaper (China)(2010),”Karate Masters”(Empire Media 2010), Masters Magazine, San Pedro Magazine, Acupuncture Today (2013), Shotokan Karate Magazine, Shotokan Way Magazine, and others. He also studied various martial arts in China while there pursuing an advanced degree in traditional Chinese medicine. He currently operates a dojo in Salt Lake City, Utah, where he also practices acupuncture and Zen Buddhism, as well as trains MMA fighters.

Yael Calhoun

Yoga Instructor


Yael Calhoun, MA, MS, RYT is a long-time educator and author, with a strong background in education and teaching yoga as a tool to deal with trauma, stress, depression, anxiety and compassion fatigue. She is a writer/series editor of over a dozen books and has developed books, DVDs/CDs, and training manuals on yoga, including yoga for trauma, special needs, children, seniors, caregivers, classrooms, and cancer survivors. Yael is the founder and executive director of GreenTree Yoga.

Yael’s education includes an undergraduate degree from Brown University, a Master’s of Arts in Education from SCSU, and a Master’s of Science from University of Rhode Island. In addition, Yael is an experienced certified yoga instructor (E-RYT) and a certified children’s yoga teacher (CRYT), both through Yoga Alliance, and is certified in Trauma-Sensitive Yoga (The Trauma Center at the Justice Resource Institute).

Bill Held

Yoga Instructor

Bill started his Yoga journey a little later in life than most. What he needed was to find a new purpose in his life and a sense of peace and well-being. During the last five years, because of Yoga practice, he has grown physically stronger, mentally clearer and calmer while renewing his spiritual beliefs. He says, “Yoga has allowed me to look inward to myself to find the peace I had lost.” He received his 200-hour teacher’s training certificate at We Are Yoga in 2013. Bill teaches a Balance and Core class along with a Teen class at Yoga Upstairs, and subs at the VA Hospital and Salt Lake City Fit Collective where he’s focused on cultivating his Mind Body practice with Arial Yoga.

Mary Johnston-Coursey

Yoga Instructor


Mary Johnston-Coursey began her study of yoga in 1980 by jumping into a daily Astanga practice, and started teaching in 1981. Over the years she has studied in numerous styles and with many amazing teachers.She is grateful to all of her teachers, and is especially honored to be involved with Para Yoga—a lineage that serves as an incredibly rich and endless resource for her practice and her teaching. Mary met Rod Stryker in 2004 and began studying with him in earnest in 2008. She is currently certified as a Level I Para Yoga teacher. Other key teachers include Donna Farhi, Judith Lasater, Jenny Otto, and Richard Miller. Over the years, Mary has also studied extensively in Yoga Therapy; she works with students individually as well as in group classes to support their healing and empowerment.

With yoga as her ground base, Mary holds an MFA in dance, and spent over twenty years as a professional dancer, teacher and choreographer. Her background in dance deeply informs her understanding of yoga. Choreography became for her a spiritual investigation and discipline; performing offered her an intimate understanding of energy and its sublime expression through the body; multiple dance injuries gave her as many opportunities for healing through yoga.

Mary also performs as a singer in two bands and as a storyteller, and has taught movement, music and art to kids. She sees creative impulse, in all its many forms, as the source of our joy. Yoga is, for her, an opportunity to engage the outward self towards an inward focus, to seek and discover the essential seed of this creative impulse from within. She is both thrilled and humbled to share this work with her students.

Marlena Lambert

Yoga Instructor


Marlena’s yoga practice dates back more than 35 years, but she only began teaching yoga in 1998, about the time she began to practice insight meditation. In 2000, she decided to study bodywork to improve her teaching. Since 2002, she has been a professional body worker (LMT) as well as a teacher of yoga and insight meditation. Her passion is the continuing study of anatomy and physiology as it relates to wellness.

She holds a Master of Science in Anthropology, with an emphasis in South Asian culture, and worked for over a decade in science education at the Natural History Museum of Utah. Marlena is also recognized by the National Yoga Alliance as “E-RYT-500,” an experienced registered yoga teacher with over 500 hours in training. In truth she has more than 10 times that in education and experience.

Marlena’s knowledge of yoga and her meditative style bring incredible sensitivity to her bodywork practice, and her knowledge of the body brings unusual depth to her understanding of hatha yoga and insight meditation, as does her background in education and South Asian studies.

Dana Levy

Yoga Instructor


Dana Levy has been teaching alignment-based hatha yoga since 2004. With a background in dance and martial arts, she was drawn to Iyengar Yoga, with its depth, precision, clarity, and awareness of mental, physical, and spiritual alignment.

Dana first studied, then began teaching, alignment-based hatha yoga in the Iyengar tradition with Dominica Serigano at SHIZEN Yoga Studio in Tokyo from 2004-2009.

In 2005, Dana opened FURLA Yoga in Aoyama, Tokyo, in cooperation with the esteemed Italian leather goods brand, FURLA, and SHIZEN Yoga Studio. For 10 years, she has managed, taught at, and directed the studio, developing curriculum and programming. Dana’s bilingual English/Japanese alignment-based yoga classes, prenatal & postnatal yoga classes were well attended by both Japanese and international clientele.

In 2014, Dana relocated to Salt Lake City, where she teaches alignment-based yoga classes, workshops, and private lessons, and assists in local teacher trainings. She is fortunate to continue directing FURLA yoga, and travels periodically to Tokyo to work with the instructors and staff there.

Dana has studied with senior Iyengar instructors Gabriela Giubilaro, Marla Apt, Paul Cabanis, Ramanand Patel, and others. Her main teacher, Dominica Serigano, has been a guide, friend, and collaborator for over 12 years.

Dana’s background in modern dance, bodywork, anatomy and kinesiology, and martial arts influences her teaching style. Using yoga as a vehicle for transformation, she combines ease, efficiency, and coordination of body, breath, action and movement with precise awareness of alignment and structure. Dana offers challenging, innovative, fun, and instructive classes with an emphasis on meeting each student’s needs. Using props such as blocks, belts, bolsters, chairs, and walls, she creates a yoga practice for every body, regardless of age, size, or ability, and encourages practitioners to develop a lifelong practice.

Kiera Lucich

Yoga Instructor

Kiera Lucich began practicing yoga in 2003 to heal and strengthen her body for dancing. What started as cross training soon inspired a career when Kiera pursued her 200 hour yoga teacher certification and 200 hour Restorative Partner Yoga certification through Bodhi Yoga. On top of her yoga certifications, Kiera is also a certified neural integration specialist through Z-Health Performance Solutions. Neural integration is the practice of enhancing brain and nervous system function through movement. Realizing the unique combination of yoga and neural integration, Kiera launched Smart Move Wellness, a brain-based wellness company in 2017.

Kiera’s movement philosophy is that whatever the movement practice may be, it should cultivate joy, gratitude and leave one feeling their absolute best. Her teaching philosophy is to honor her unique students; believing that every inch of life has shaped them to be where they are. Yoga is different for each person and she believes “success” in yoga comes from a practice that is embodied, creative, curious, and self-reflective.

In other areas of life, Kiera is an avid gardener, wife, cat mom, self proclaimed neuroscience nerd and life enthusiast.


Jacqueline Morasco

Yoga Instructor


Jacqueline began practicing yoga through books in an attempt to sit still and quiet her mind. She didn’t know that that was the beginning of a lifelong pursuit of learning about yoga and healthy living. Jacqueline has been teaching health and science for over 20 years and various yoga practices for over 13 years. She has a MS in education and is an ERYT (experienced registered yoga teacher) 500 with Yoga Alliance, a CYT (Certified Yoga therapist) through Body Balance Yoga and Jenny Otto, and is a member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists. Although she has been influenced by many wonderful yoga and life teachers, her main studies and teaching are in the tradition of Krishnamacharya. Her time is split between learning about and teaching yoga, raising two very active boys and traveling through life making music, chanting, cooking and writing.

Roz Newmark

Yoga Instructor


Roz Newmark was first introduced to transcendental meditation (TM), and Swami Vishnudevanananda’s yoga in 1972. As a lover of movement, Roz has found balance through both seated and moving meditations. She has quieted the chattering mind with thousands of hours and miles spent in swimming, bicycling, and dancing. Over the past 35 years, Roz has studied with many senior Iyengar, Anusara and Para yoga teachers, completing several teacher training sessions. Donna Farhi’s work has been a strong influence, with its clarity in how to integrate the richly informed studies of Body Mind Centering (BMC) with yoga.

In her own teaching, Roz enjoys blending the concise structure of the Iyengar tradition with BMC and her own kinetic insights developed as a professional dancer.

She has served a wide range of populations, from children to seniors, athletes to injured, and corporate to casual. It is her belief, that through merging breath with intelligent asana practice, while listening to the body’s deeper wisdom, one can prevent injuries and find greater ease in movement and stasis.

Vicki Overfelt

Yoga Instructor

Vicki received her Masters of Arts in Education with an emphasis in educational administration from Columbia University, Teachers College. Vicki currently focuses her instruction specifically on the study of stress reduction through the practice of mindfulness and specializes in the delivery of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR).

A practitioner of mind-body disciplines for more than 25 years, Vicki is dedicated to sharing the practice of mindfulness with others and guiding them in ways to consciously and systematically work with stress, pain, illness and the challenges of everyday life. She teaches adult MBSR classes offered quarterly in the beauty of Red Butte Gardens.

Vicki has collaborated with University of Utah researchers on projects related to the effectiveness of mindfulness on various populations, and contracts with other organizations as a mindfulness instructor. She is a qualified MBSR instructor and continues to receive her training through the Center for Mindfulness, housed within the University of Massachusetts Medical School. Vicki has also trained in “Mindful Schools” and “Cool Minds,” two mindfulness curricula designed for children and adolescents.

Heidi O'Donoghue

Yoga Instructor

I’ve had a keen interest in exploring the timeless teachings of yoga and meditation since I was a young adult. I love to share these teachings to help cultivate more compassion and understanding for ourselves and others. I became a registered yoga teacher in 2002 and have taught yoga and meditation at many local studios in Salt Lake. In 2010 I opened Your Path Yoga Studio, a small private studio that I ran for 7 years. Along the course of discovering yoga I started a formal sitting meditation practice and have attended several week long meditation retreats. Mindfulness, meditation and yoga have been the foundation of my training and life for over 20 years. In 2015 I began to embark on the MBSR teacher training and am now an MBSR qualified teacher.

I am a registered yoga teacher through Yoga Alliance, a Level 1 iRest
teacher, a certified Restorative Yoga teacher and a Qualified MBSR teacher.

Lisa Quealy

Yoga Instructor

Lisa Quealy is deeply grateful for the grounding, joy, and continual learning that her own practice and teaching bring to her. Many gifted teachers, experiences, and years of training, and education contributed to, and continue to inform her as a teacher. She trained in dance, creative expressive movement, somatic psychology, anatomy and kinesiology.  She spent more than twenty years as a yoga student (primarily Iyengar, Vinyasa, and Para styles) before certifying through Yoga Alliance as an accredited teacher (RYT-200). She received her Master’s degree in dance movement therapy from Naropa University, and spent her career as a professional dance movement therapist, working with a broad range of ages, abilities, and medical conditions. Currently Lisa Quealy also teaches yoga for seniors for Salt Lake County, writes poetry and short stories, and enjoys a long-time meditation practice.

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