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Alignment Yoga

Alignment Yoga is a form of hatha yoga that offers a modern approach to the ancient practice of yoga with insightful adaptations to fit present-day experiences. It is based on extensive knowledge of anatomy and aims to provide individuals with the skills to develop stability, strength, and flexibility as well as bring enhanced mindfulness not only to our mats but also in other daily activities. Alignment Yoga is accessible to people of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds and can enrich, complement and/or integrate into any lifestyle.

All Levels Hatha Yoga

Using principles of Iyengar yoga, this class focuses on details of alignment and building body/mind awareness while progressing from fundamental yoga poses to more complex asana. Basic standing and sitting poses increase strength and flexibility, and allow full extension of the spine and limbs, as well as coordination of the body and breath. Using props such as blocks, belts, chairs, and blankets to support and open the body in various ways, this class allows practitioners of all abilities to deepen their practice. This class is not only for those newer to yoga, but also for more advanced practitioners and for athletes—better alignment enhances a vigorous practice, and working in a non-competitive environment provides an opportunity to observe, and improve our capacity. Working with awareness helps facilitate a healthy, lifelong practice, both on and off the yoga mat.

Gentle Energetic Hatha Yoga

Come Roz and Shine in a supportive, cheerful environment. This class is open to students of all levels who are interested in a rajasic (energetic) but gentle session. Drawing from the Iyengar YogaTradition/Body Mind Centering/ and the Feldenkrais method, classes are structured to help students cultivate easeful movement, quiet minds and deeper body listening. This pre-breakfast gathering is a great way to participate in evolution. You too, can witness your creaky AM physique evolve into a vibrant, fluid, moving body. Come regain your animal dignity!

Gentle (Hatha) Yoga

This gentle yoga class offers a relaxing opportunity for individuals who want to unwind from a full day of activities. Because of the combined slower-paced asanas with therapeutic and restorative poses, this class is also a good fit for people recovering from injuries, or surgeries, such as a hip replacement. While we will be soothing our bodies with nurturing intentions, we invariably find a way to “tickle our funny bone(s)” as indeed, humor is a powerful medicine.

Please come and join this warm group of Tuesday evening yogis who have been sharing this “ritual” together for nearly 20 years.

Mindful Hatha Yoga

These classes combine healthy alignment, free breathing and mindful awareness to create harmonious continuity in body and mind. The non-competitive environment emphasizes the quality of your present experience rather than your performance. Using Yoga’s physical practice as a template, these classes utilize creative and informed sequencing designed to leave your body and mind both energized and restored. Come join this friendly community of longtime practitioners.

 Mindfulness Meditation Class (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction)

Join us for mindfulness practice Tuesday evenings from 7:15 to 8:30 pm. Often described as moment-to-moment, non-judgmental awareness, mindfulness offers us a lens through which to experience our lives in a more present, alert and gentle way. One might say it is a way of life that cultivates our capacity for sharpening the mind and opening the heart. The basic format of this session is two 20-minute sitting meditation sessions with walking meditation in between. After, there is discussion relative to practice. All are welcome. Suggested donation is $10.

Restorative Yoga

Take an hour of time for yourself at Bill Held’s Restorative Yoga Class every Friday. This class will work with specific asanas to cultivate restorative health and promote balance in your life. Various tools will be utilized to enhance and explore the depths of existing postures while working to expand your range of motion. We will be targeting the breath to create space and promote fresh oxygen exchange to those areas that are tight or have experienced injury. This class will aid in promoting optimal health as we live our lives. All ages and skill levels are welcomed so please bring a friend and share an hour. 

This class is sponsored by the Lupus Foundation and A Quality Life Community.

Sunday Series with Brandi

This class explores bringing awareness to the subtle spiritual body by weaving Vedic philosophy with mantra, meditation, movement, and pranayama to bring about wholeness and inner well being. See Workshops page for details.

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