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The Healing Power of Sound: Mantra

I’ve been writing a lot about nourishment (or lack there of) in the way of food and cleansing for the body, mind and spirit. I’d like to look at other forms of nourishment. Sound in its many forms has led me to both suffering and solace. Of late though, it is my second favorite way

Angry Aaron

The Angry Yogi

Anger: an emotional response to being or feeling threatened. The body kicks into a flight or fight response when we feel threatened.  If you know me, you know that I am pretty level-headed most of the time, but I do get angry. I might even yell at my kids from time to time and get


Nearness…Author Unkown

Never say yes to my nearness because you say no to another one Let yes only be yes and no only be no Never fill the emptiness of your being out of my fullness Let fullness fill itself and emptiness empty itself Never feel the bond of our hearts as a chain or a fetter


Can Yoga Help You Overcome Fear?

I’m not sure when I realized this; yoga has helped me to overcome many fears–fear of being seen, speaking in front of groups, trying new things. Insidious as it sounds, the benefits of a daily yoga practice have a way of sneaking up on you. Fear stopped me from moving ahead. I have and can

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